PTCL Envisions a Digital Pakistan With Its Smart Cloud Solutions and Data Center – Digital Asia Tech

PTCL Envisions a Digital Pakistan With Its Smart Cloud Solutions and Data Center – Digital Asia Tech

By Prosyscom
In April 27, 2019

PTCL Data Center is the first and only certified Data Center in Pakistan that includes data communication network and designed infrastructure, specifically designed with power supply, security devices and environmental control in consideration and according to certified TIA 942 standards. It provides digital services such as rack hosting and network devices, along with other data center equipage and ensures an environment that is cost-effective, to meet customer requirements.

PTCL Data Centers are located in major cities of Pakistan, with increased levels of security, reliability and flexibility. This makes it easier for clients to move their infrastructure to the nearest data center. Some of the main features of the Data Centers include:

  • Secure environment
  • No downtime
  • High availability & reliability
  • Disaster recovery & business continuity
  • Higher level of visibility of all components
  • Cost-effectiveData Center

PTCL infrastructure is built to provide its customers with optimal uptime at core networking through various services like routing, security devices and employ switching. Regular software upgrading and monitoring ensure that the system stays in line with the latest versions recommended by TAC and are operates efficiently.

Virtual Data Center

PTCL Data Center is ideal for businesses that require maximum user control over their resources with the utmost security and a driven Software Defined Network (SDN) critical for network customization and optimization. Moreover, customers are given the flexibility to create, modify and delete their virtual machines according to their own needs.

In case of VPS, customers can select their preferred server configuration or customize one with vCPU, RAM and storage according to their needs and then subsequently have it stored on PTCL Smart Cloud.

PTCL Public Cloud

Globally, in the past few years, we have observed that the most developed fields in ICT services are public cloud frameworks, software solutions and platforms. Furthermore, access to these services come with significantly lesser investment and operational expense.

Some key aspects of PTCL Cloud infrastructure include:

  • PTCL Smart Cloud enables its customers with the flexibility to build customized networks & virtual servers according to their own preference and needs.
  • All the data is hosted on PTCL Smart Cloud within the country to deliver minimum latency and maximum performance.
  • PTCL is the only SDN (Software Defined Network) enabled Cloud built on Tier-3 certified Data Center in the country that provides solutions specifically for business growth.

PTCL Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Being simple to use & easy to set up, PTCL Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) is an advanced image-based virtual machine replica. It ensures minimum downtime and maximum business continuity & resilience to remain operational after an adverse event.

Along with that, it has also proven to be cost-effective. This service makes the user experience seamless by enabling customers to replicate single virtual servers or the entire structure with just a few clicks.

PTCL Backup as a Service

The main purpose of PTCL Backup as a service (BaaS) is to protect data from the risk of loss. It provides an ideal backup solution (Veeam Backup & Replication) for storing multiple copies of data on PTCL Cloud through Veeam Cloud Connect. It also provides operating system backup and agent level backup for on-premises infrastructure.

In Pakistan, PTCL is serving not only consumers but also corporate customers and is at the forefront of introducing ICT related services because of its continuous commitment to technology and innovation.