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NASA is Aiming to Send Humans to Mars by 2033

By Prosyscom
In April 4, 2019

After NASA’s new announcement for a second Human Moon landing by 2024, Administrator Jim Bridenstine has now given the schedule for NASA’s Astronaut landing on Mars by 2033.

Bridenstine revealed on Tuesday at a congressional hearing, that NASA wants a human mission on the red planet as soon as 2033.

Answering the questions of Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson, NASA chief said that the moon landing will be the first step and proving grounds for a Human mission on Mars.

However, NASA is desperately waiting for its Heavy lift rocket, the Space Launch System (SLS), that the experts believe is more suitable for this mission. The agency is apprehensive about the capabilities of the solutions provided by private aerospace companies like Space X and Unites Launch Alliance. Even though Space X’s Falcon Heavy and United’s Delta IV heavy-lift rockets have been used before in space missions.

Earlier, Vice President Mike Pence cut short the timeline of the moon landing by four years to 2024. Trump’s ambitious space policy has put NASA on a tighter schedule.

The new Space Launch System being developed by Boeing will be the most powerful rocket ever designed with thrust greater than that of Saturn V, which is currently the most powerful heavy lift rocket every designed and it was also used for the moon-landing mission back in the ’60s.