Here’s How You Can File Your Taxes Using FBR’s New Tax Asaan App – Digital Asia Tech

Here’s How You Can File Your Taxes Using FBR’s New Tax Asaan App – Digital Asia Tech

By Prosyscom
In September 18, 2019

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has officially released its official mobile app, ‘Tax Asaan‘ which allows salaried persons to easily file their income tax returns. Not only this, the app allows sales tax registration, online payments, and online verification for active taxpayers list, exemptions, POS invoices, and whatnot.

The app offers an easy interface with multiple options for filing sales tax, income tax and making online payments without having to hire someone to do so on your behalf.

There is no option to directly sign up using the app, which is a very odd omission. The users have to register via FBR’s official website Iris. On the homepage, click the ‘Income Tax’ tab under the ‘Online Services’.

Clicking on Income Tax will take you to a new page, where you will see different options like E-enrollment for registered person, new registration for unregistered person, and assets inquiry, etc.

If you are already a tax-payer but haven’t done the e-enrolment, you can choose the first option. For new registrations, go for the second option. You will have to provide your details like CNIC, full name, mobile number, and email address etc.

Once you are done with the registration, you will get a confirmation email from FBR. The email will include your password, PIN and registration number.

You can use this registration number and password to sign in to the Tax Asaan app. You can only file your taxes or make payments from the app if you are registered with the FBR.

How to File Income Tax Returns Using Tax Asaan?

Coming back to the mobile app, let’s see how you can file income tax returns.

  • Tap on Income Tax Return.
  • Specify the year for which you want to file your returns.
  • Specify whether you were a resident or non-resident during the period.
  • Specify your annual salary and deduction on salary or other allowances/bonuses and press Continue.
  • Specify sources of income other than salary, if applicable. Otherwise, click on ‘I don’t have any income(s) other than salary.
  • Specify tax reduction/credit from Zakat, educational expenses, full-time teacher/researcher, profit on debt, insurance, charitable donations, approved pension fund, general tax credit or surrender of the tax credit.
  • Any other tax deducted from the bank, vehicle, utilities, property, education, winnings/prizes, insurance, dividend, pension fund, auction, air ticket, functions/gatherings etc, if applicable.
  • Answer whether you pay Super Tax or not. Most people will skip this screen.
  • Fill out the balance statement by declaring your assets, assets, and inflows. This is an important part so try to mention all your expenses, incomes (including gifts or support from family), your current assets (including cars, houses, other property etc.) and liabilities (including loans from banks or people).
  • Read the final declaration and press submit.

Most salaried people have their income tax deducted when their salaries are transferred. However, if you need to pay any remaining tax, you’ll need to refer to the e-Payments section detailed below. You can also make the payments manually by going to the FBR office.

Freelancers can declare their earnings from freelance work in the foreign payments tab. Payments withdrawn to bank accounts through legal channels are not taxable.

Sales Tax Registration

For sales tax registration, click on the relevant tab on the homepage.


You can make different payments including income tax, sales tax, and federal excise duty from your app. The modes of payment integrated into the app include cash, cheque, pay order and ADC (e-payment).

The payment will be made against your registration number which has been assigned to you by the FBR. For income tax, you will have have to specify the nature of payment i,e, admitted income tax, advance income tax, misc, demanded income tax, WPPF, and WWF. The payment section also needs to be specified (will be mentioned in your income tax or sales tax statement).

Verification Services

The app comes with various verification features i.e. you can check whether you are an active taxpayer or not, inquire about your NTN, SRTN, CNIC, Passport and Reg/Inc number, etc. This is also helpful if you need to verify someone else’s taxpayer status.

Exemption certificates, notices, orders, computerized payments, and POS invoice, etc. can also be verified by entering the bar code, reference or invoice number or by scanning the QR code.