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Google Announces Play Award Winners for 2019 – Digital Asia Tech

By Prosyscom
In May 9, 2019

Google has announced the winners of Play Awards for this year with a number of new apps winning in their categories.

Every year, Google gives out awards to the best applications and games to encourage developers for their hard work and commitment to make a quality app. The agenda is to give new developers a vision of how to make quality applications.


The awards have a total of 9 categories with criteria mainly consisting of innovation, technical performance, strong design, and overall quality. The nominees were selected by various Google teams and were announced last month.

The winners have been featured on the Google Play Store and have also received a silver Play Trophy at the 6th May event.

At the awards, Google said,

We’re sharing the winners that rose to the top for providing the best experiences for fans, making an impact on their communities and raising the bar for quality content on Google Play.