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Facebook Hints at Launching a Dedicated News Feed Tab

By Prosyscom
In April 3, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg has been engaging in a lot of dialogue with interviewers lately, mainly due to his decision of letting the public know what are Facebook’s future plans. Recently, the social media giant dedicated a complete tab to the watch feature which comprises of all the trending videos, especially the ones that are according to the users’ tastes. Then there is another dedicated group tab that has all the trending posts from the groups the user has joined.

Zuckerberg, in an interview with Axel Springer’s CEO, revealed that he is thinking of adding a dedicated news tab to the interface as well. The news feed tab will look into providing the users with authentic and genuine content that will be written and published by journalists recruited by Facebook. He also claimed that the journalists will be paid, however, we are unsure about how the payment will be done keeping in mind that Facebook wasn’t able to fulfill such promises in the past.

The newsfeed will be completely free for the users. Zuckerberg did not shed light on how the news feed will be organized, whether it will be based on the users’ interests or it will be based on the trending news since Facebook was criticized in the past for trying to shape affect people’s opinions.

The timing of announcing this dedicated newsfeed tab is slightly odd since Apple just announced its dedicated news+ application. Moreover, Apple also has recruited its journalists for authentic content which Zuckerberg also claimed to do.

We don’t know how or when the news feed tab will be launched but Facebook does have a local newsfeed tab in many cities around the world.