3 tech tips for agents from a Keller Williams team leader – InfotechBot

3 tech tips for agents from a Keller Williams team leader – InfotechBot

By Prosyscom
In April 7, 2019

Chris Somers from The Somers Team at Keller Williams Center City Philadelphia started his real estate career in 2004, after working as a CPA in financial services. He credits his unique background to his success in creating a real estate team with more than 20 agents and over $150 million in business last year.

With such a large team, Somers uses technology to organize his team while bringing in and serving new clients. He uses three main tools:

1. Customer relationship manager (CRM)

A CRM keeps track of interactions with potential clients so no one falls through the cracks. With all information in one place, a business can be more organized and efficient when taking care of clients.

Somers believes setting up and using the CRM is critical in ensuring a speedy response and follow-up with clients so you don’t miss out on an opportunity. The best CRM, according to Somers, is really just to have one.

2. Video marketing

According to Somers, 90 percent of sellers would like videos, but only a small percent of agents are actually using video, even though it’s easier to do now.

Video topics don’t need to focus on listings they can be behind-the-scenes or informative videos. This is why there are platforms for shorter videos: to show the people behind the company.

Somers often uses a third-party vendor for high-quality videos when it is needed, such as for property listings or promotions. Not all videos need to be high-quality, especially Instagram Stories.

Amateur videos are not the concern, according to Somers, but not creating and posting videos should be.

“If people are in sales and if they’re in marketing, if they continue to be fearful and don’t embrace the opportunity, it’s only going to hurt them over time,” Somers said. “And the people that do [create videos], it’ll benefit them over time.”

3. Fully built-out web presence

A powerful web presence includes a website with landing pages and use of social media platforms. Post content that will put you in front of potential clients, building a larger online presence. Your videos, photography, blogs, etc., should allow your audience to get to know you and your company before they work with you.

It’s important for businesspeople to know where their audience is and change their marketing strategies as trends shift. Use your marketing dollars, and build your brand presence knowing that trends can move quickly.

When the trend does change, Somers strives to be in the first 10 percent to 20 percent, the early adopter stage, to shift gears. “Oftentimes, if you miss that kind of initial transition, you miss the opportunity to really gain a strong foundation from day one,” Somers said.

Technology is a great way to keep in touch with clients in a way businesses never could before. Used correctly, it can allow your business to flourish. Learn more about Somers’ team here as well as their multiple social media platforms.